Five minutes with Alberte Valentine

Interview by Fran Domínguez

Photo by Rubén Suárez

Miss Alberte Valentine, hvordan har du det i dag?

Jeg har det godt, tak! I finally managed to recover from a throat/lung infection today. I've been in London for the past couple of months and it's hard not catching something with the rainy weather here.

I am so glad you are feeling better now. Now, first of all, and for all those who still haven't had the chance to visit your hometown Copenhagen, I would totally recommend you guys to do so. How is it possible finding so many beautiful women in such a tiny country Alberte? What's the trick?

Must be the great viking genes. No I honestly don’t know but after traveling I’ve realized that it is true, people are in general very good looking in Denmark - men as well.

Photo by Danniel Rojas

Photo by Danniel Rojas

Past week I asked Marisa Papen about her experiences getting into L.A., a market we all know is extremely crowded these days. But what about Denmark? What is it like starting a modeling career in your country?

I think starting a modeling career in Denmark is very tricky because there are so many good looking girls which also means the agencies have lots of girls to choose from.

And so we photographers do! Speaking of which, would you say fashion photography in Denmark fits your personal style or would you rather go shoot somewhere else?

The place where I've been most impressed with the level of photography in general is London. It's a combination of the photography and creative vision with styling etc that really impressed me. I have a lot of stuff coming out from there that I'm very excited about it. With that said l also have some photos from Spanish photographers that I absolutely love, it's just a different type of photos that more focus on portraying the body.

How old were you when you started modeling?

I was 16, almost 17 years old.

And how demanding was your agency with you at that age?

My agency was not very demanding at that age and very understanding regarding school obligations. At the time I was just not very interested in school myself and actually pushed them to give me castings for jobs abroad. I was way more interested in traveling than high school.

One of the best things a modeling career offers, I guess?

Indeed indeed. I'm very lucky to get too experience so many different cities. This year I've been a lot in Madrid and Barcelona, small cities in Germany and France. I've gone to Istanbul and now London for a period. I've had good and bad experiences but I suppose that comes with any job. Working in i.e. Istanbul was very difficult for me because it is highly unorganized, but on the bright side it has definitely given me a renewed appreciation for working somewhere everything just works.


When did you realize it was time for you to move on and start looking for opportunities abroad and what were the options you considered?

My mother agency is Serbian which isn’t the obvious choice for a Danish girl. I knew I wanted to travel and the Danish mother agency I had wasn’t really making things happen for me. As mentioned there are many beautiful girls in Denmark and it is easy to be forgotten in a big agency. I had Serbian model friends with great careers so when their agent contacted me I was definitely interested. I flew to Serbia to have a meeting with CMA and I fast quickly certain that it’s the right fit for me. It’s so important to have an agent that is constantly pushing for your development if you wanna go somewhere in this business.

Even so, and for those new faces reading this, how important was it for you getting some experience in your homeland before seeking for an agency abroad?

It was not important for me at all. When I started shooting in Spain I had next to no experience from home. I had only had a couple of tests and I would definitely say that my biggest development happened in Madrid regarding getting comfortable exploring in front of a camera.

I think texting a model if they wanna shoot is completely fine, but if the model doesn’t seem interested don’t keep asking - same would go if a model is contacting a photographer.

Let's try and be helpful for the aspiring photographers reading this as well. Now that so many seem to be in a hurry to shoot fashion nudity, what is your experience in this field?

Shooting nudity was something I got used to step by step. First I had a couple of topless shootings and the photographers had made me feel very comfortable. They acted professional, meaning that they were totally relaxed about it, still without making any inappropriate comments. Needless to say you wanna feel confident about yourself shooting naked, and of course the photographer can help in that department by telling you what works and that it is looking good. In my experience giving too many compliments also made me feel quite uncomfortable because it breaks the professional barrier.

What are the green/red lights that may make you say 'yes' or 'no' to a project of this kind?

There is sexy and then there is too much. It's a fine line so when I look at a photographer's work, I look for whether they have that balance or not. I think texting a model if they wanna shoot is completely fine, but if the model doesn't seem interested don't keep asking - same would go if a model is contacting a photographer.

A red light for me is when a photographer asks me if I wanna shoot a certain part of my body or position and I've said no and they keep pushing. If you look at my work you can see that I'm comfortable with most things as long as it is being portrayed tastefully, so when I set a boundary, I want a photographer to respect that.


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