Five minutes with Ana Carolina Jorge

Five minutes with Ana Carolina Jorge

Interview by Fran Domínguez

Photo by David Benoliel

You are currently based in Denmark, but "Ana Carolina Jorge" doesn't sound like a very Scandinavia name right? Where do you come from?

You are absolutely right. I am from Brazil. As a matter of fact, I am in Brazil right now.

Where in Brazil?

When I arrived here at the beginning of February I went to Bahia for Carnival. I love Carnival! Brazilians are much happier and funnier during those days. Last week  I came to Minas Gerais to spend some time with my family and friends.

I think I first saw you on a campaign for Erbs, maybe? You look amazing on those images Ana, such a cool work. Was it your first time shooting that sort of sexy images?

You're right again. I recently worked with Erbs for the second time and I am very happy with the results. My first time shooting sexy lingerie was back in 2009. I remember that I felt very lucky because I was working with a great client and a talented team. They made me feel so comfortable that, at the end of the shoot, I had no clue where my pants were.

Such a unique industry where having no clue or where your pants are at the end of a job can be a good thing right?

I think it's important to feel comfortable in own skin. No matter who you are or what you do, you will always look better and competent when you are relaxed and focused on getting the job done.

Photo by David Benoliel

Have you ever felt people around you, relatives and old friends from outside the industry for instance, don't really get the uniqueness and complexity of what you do for a living?

Yes. A lot of people think modeling is too easy and that bothers me a little bit. Being a professional model demands patience and self-motivation. I have to get out of my comfort zone every day. I have to study, prepare, sell my work and execute a good job (sometimes under pressure). You have to be professional but not too formal. Grateful but not excited. It is a tough business but yet so interesting and fun.

Photos by Maximilian Rivera

You are now represented by Wilhelmina in Los Angeles and One.1 in New York. I guess that has been a big step forward for your career. Are you often traveling to the USA these days or still mainly based in Denmark?

I lived in Miami for two years and Wilhelmina Miami was the agency that made it all possible. They offered me a place to stay in Miami, they took care of my work visa, they sent me to many tests and they helped me to grow as a model. I will be forever grateful for what they have done for me. Because of them, I signed with Wilhelmina Models LA and One Management.

Photo by David Benoliel

After two years in Miami I moved to New York City. It was a big step forward in my career because New York is full of opportunities. I didn't know that, seven months later, love would take me to a country called Denmark... and I would fall in love with Copenhagen. At the moment, I am mainly based in Denmark.

I bet Brazil and Denmark couldn't be more different from each other! What do you like so much from Denmark? What do you miss from Brazil?

Denmark is a small country full of extraordinary, intelligent people who believe in equality and freedom. I love to be in a country where everybody have the opportunity to become whatever they want to.

So far, what kind of jobs are you enjoying the most?

I love to work with genuine, happy and talented people... I also love to travel, so if the job takes me to a new country I will probably enjoy it.

Photo by David Benoliel

But you could work with genuine, happy and talented people in any other industry! Why modeling, besides traveling?

Don't get me wrong, I love modeling. I know what the industry is about and how important it is to find people who can teach you and help you becoming better everyday. That's why I love to work with talented photographers, stylists, makeup artists, etc. I love traveling for work because it allows me to leave all my thoughts behind and to capture and assimilate the mood of the shoot. 

If you could be based anywhere in the world, what would your choice be and why?

I don't know.. I think I would choose Denmark again. I mean, I would love to spend some time in Los Angeles, Barcelona and London but I would like to come to Denmark afterwards. I keep thinking that I will move back to Brazil at some point, but that is way in the future.

Find out more about Ana Carolina on Instagram: @anacarolinajorge

Photo by David Benoliel

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