Five minutes with Elisa Meliani

Interview by Fran Domínguez

Photo by David Bellemere

Miss Elisa Meliani, we feel honored.

Thank you,  I'm very happy to be here, I love your website. I feel honored as well!

I know you are mainly based in Paris, but where were you born?

I am a true Parisian girl. Born and bred in Paris. I grew up with my mom in the 20th district of Paris. I really enjoyed grewing up in Paris. I learned so much, Paris is an amazing city.

Photo by David Bellemere

I said "mainly based in Paris" as simply a fast look through your Instagram is enough to realize you should travel quite often. One of the pleasures that comes along with the job I guess?

I have always loved traveling and it runs in the family, my dad took us to some crazy adventures and crazy places. I feel depressed when I am not traveling. I love discovering new places new people. I prefer traveling when I am on vacation, so I can spend two or three weeks abroad and take the time to discover the place and meet people. When I am working, I feel lucky to travel to those beautiful and amazing location, but the stay is normally too short. You don't have the time to get to know the place.

Photos by François Berthier
Photo by Kohann Tensen

Photo by Kohann Tensen

Your favorite spot to run away and scape from the city when in need of a break?

The best place for me, it' s my new home. With my love David, we moved to the country, very close to Paris. We bought an old Castle in the middle of the forest.

I do my hobbies: horse ridding, gardening, playing with my wolves and cats. It's so great to disconnected from the city, I love animals so much. It is impossible to have this life when you live in Paris. For us, it is a wildlife! When going home after a long day of work in the city we feel completely relax and loved. 

Photo by David Bellemere

Evidently I just can't help myself asking you about David Bellemere. In an industry where it is so important finding the right people to work with, how rewarding must be for you both having such a talented model/photographer by your side! How important has this been for you both, creative-wise?

(She laughs) Well... I think every artist need a muse! David inspires me as I inspire him. I am so proud about the pictures we have done together. I have learned a lot with him. He helped me to be the model I am today. When we make pictures together,  it is simply love.

Photos by David Bellemere

Photos by David Bellemere

As a photographer I tend to prefer models with nudity experience, even for fashion & commercial jobs, as I have the feeling they usually are much more self-confident and open minded. What are your thoughts about this?

Interesting question. Well, I think we are all unique, we all have our own personality and past. If a model has a nudity experience, it doesn't mean she is more open minded or self confident. I equally respect a model with modesty and a model who does nude work. 

Me, I feel confident in my body, but I only do nude work with great artists, photographers I admire. I prefer nude art over fashion. Nudity is timeless - when it is properly done of course!

Photo by David Bellemere
Photo by David Bellemere

Thank you so much for finding the time to speak with us Elisa.

Thank you, very happy to share some thoughts with you!


Find out more about Elisa Meliani on her Instagram @elisajazz

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